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Телефон: +380 93 253 0673

Адрес: Киев, Глубочицкая, 13

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Dezest is a Ukrainian interior design and architectural studio. Life of any our project, no matter is it interior design or architecture, begins long before the first line of the sketch. Its beginning lies in the life experience of the customer and in his understanding of his desires, in his natural habits that have developed over the years, tempo and attitude. The beginning is sewn into our competencies and innate scrupulousness in details, into our desire and ability to create integrity between a person and the surrounding space. We don’t argue about tastes. If our paths meet, it means that we look in one direction. The design or architecture of Dezest doesn’t end with a handshake at the moment of finishing the project. Our design is always focused on the development of any space over time, taking into account possible changes in tasks. After all, life and its heroes are in permanent motion.

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