Studio 68/32

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Studio 68/32


Телефон: +380 67 236 2170

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Architectural workshop Studio 68/32 founded and based in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2003. The Bureau consists of the mature architects, artists, decorators and furniture restorers. Architectural bureau is headed by Vitaly Dorokhov, Tatiana Dmitrenko and Natalia Dmitrenko. The total number of employees of the workshop consists of six people. Our studio offers its exclusive design with no restrictions on stylistic preferences, attention to detail, from the functionality to the latest decorative interior details. Our firm specializes in custom, luxury residential projects featuring elegant architectural detail and beautiful spaces that excite and reflect our clients. The firm aspires to a level of beauty in the homes it designs through views, details, and planning strategies that are awe-inspiring. Our firm’s designers are talented, visionary, detail-oriented, and attentive.

We utilize technology to its fullest as a visual and education tool. We encourage our clients to create virtual idea boards to help us capture their preferences and inspirations.

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Our firm has extensive knowledge and experience with the intricacies of working on waterfront properties and critical areas.

Cooperating with our studio you get 1 Professional sketch design from construction sites, dwelling houses, private cottages, apartment interiors, offices. Objects of social construction. Hotels, Restaurants Cafes, shops, hairdressers, beauty salons, Pools SPA centers. All stages of production of a draft design. Visual decoration in accordance with the client’s preferences for style. 1. Volumetric spatial model of the building + color passport of the facade + visualization of all the structural elements provided for in the Sketch Design. 2. Linkage of a volumetric spatial model with the Landscape. 3. Interior Three-dimensional visualization of the object and filling it with objects of decor. All stages of the Working documentation including the lighting schemes and the number of groups. Architectural design documentation with full and actual development of all components and components of the structure.

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